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Wenzhou mingdun Electric Co., Ltd.

Quality Plastic Enclosures
Leading manufacturer plastic enclosures of China

Waterproof, insulation, resist compression

The strategic vision of WZMD Electric is to become a global brand in plastic electrical enclosure solutions and projects. WZMD Electric is the first batch of Chinese brands to enter plastic enclosures, so we are both in awe and admiration for this dynamic industry. Keeping up with the national strategic policy of "from quantity manufacturing to quality manufacturing", and gradually realizing the importance of intelligent industrial upgrading, the market always favors those companies that are farsighted, dare to innovate, and master digitalization. 

WZMD Electric relies on mature technological process, perfect quality management system, experienced production, and highly specialized design team. WZMD Electric's core technical capabilities, strong manufacturing capabilities, advanced management concepts and technical support teams continue to promote industrial upgrading, and also allow young and experienced employees to focus on customer needs. From the selection of raw materials to the optimization of the production process, and finally tailor-made solutions for customers, we always provide high-quality services for all kinds of customers.

Wenzhou mingdun Electric Co., Ltd.

WZMD Electric has its own product closed-loop supply chain system. Highly advanced production procedures involve mold machining, metal machining, injection molding, spot welding, component machining. In addition, fully automatic assembly, testing and packaging lines are adopted to realize lean and intelligent manufacturing of products.

We always adhere to lean and intelligent manufacturing, polish each product with heart, ensure the quality of each product, and win the trust of customers. We will continue to inherit the values of Jingyi Zhizao with an attitude of perseverance and perseverance. In the new historical journey, we will continue to use innovation and development as the driving force to become a leading lean and intelligent manufacturing expert in the field of plastic electrical enclosures.

Our Milestones

  • 2008

  • 2013

  • 2014

  • 2015

  • 2018

The company's predecessor Yueqing Meihua Electrical Appliance Factory was established.

Create WZMDBOX brand

Wenzhou Mingdun Electric Co., Ltd. was established

Plastic enclosure obtained the national design patent certificate

Tianjin branch established

The Patent Certificate

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    CE certificate

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    Rohs testing report

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