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Application of waterproof junction box

Nov. 26, 2020

It can be used in button box, small terminal, signal Bai box, relay, sensor, meter, communication wiring and so on.

Waterproof junction box is mainly divided into special-purpose and general-purpose products. The raw materials are ABS engineering plastics, polycarbonate (PC), PC / ABS, glass fiber reinforced polyester and stainless steel.

Precautions for waterproof junction box:

1. Selection of materials: the main application fields of waterproof junction box products are the relatively harsh working site and open-air site. The impact resistance, static strength, insulation, non-toxic, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and flame retardance of the material should be considered in terms of product safety performance.

2. Structure design: the overall strength, beauty, easy processing, installation and recycling of the waterproof junction box should be considered. At present, the waterproof junction box products produced by international mainstream manufacturers do not contain any metal accessories, which can simplify the product recycling process. However, most domestic manufacturers choose different materials, and the anti waxy property of the materials is poor. Generally, brass inserts are installed in the mounting socket of the waterproof junction box to increase the installation strength, which will increase the time and cost for the material recovery process.

3. Wall thickness: generally, when considering the overall cost of the product, the wall thickness should be reduced as much as possible when meeting the impact resistance and waxy change resistance of the product. In the design of international waterproof junction box, the wall thickness of ABS and PC materials is generally between 2.5 and 3.5, glass fiber reinforced polyester is generally between 5 and 6.5, and the wall thickness of die-casting aluminum products is generally 2.5-6 between. The material wall thickness should meet the installation requirements of most components and accessories in the design.

4. Selection of sealing rubber ring materials: for waterproof junction box products, common sealing rubber ring materials are: pur, EPDM, neoprene, silicon. The temperature range, tension resistance, expansion rate, hardness, density, compression ratio and chemical resistance should be considered when selecting sealing rubber ring.

Application of waterproof junction box