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Could the plastic enclosure be used in different scenarios?

Oct. 09, 2020

New solutions to protect your electrical products

Plastic enclosure follow all IP levels.

WZMDBOX plastic enclosure, including electronic&instrument enclosure,polycarbonate enclosures,explosion protection enclosures and other enclosure styles are available in wall-mount,floor-mount and freestanding form.The waterproof gasket made of silicone material can protect the electronics no matter where indoor or outdoor environment.

To protect electronics from outdoor and extreme indoor environments,the product is available with IP67-rated.According to the requirements of customers, holes are made on the plastic enclosure and the cable grands is used together. A blank face-plate can be modified to accommodate any sealed connector that fits in the housing. Its polycarbonate (PC) construction withstands rapid temperature swings, UV exposure, and temperatures of -40 °C to 85°C.

AG series are convenient, cost-effective, CE-listed,IK 08 and IP 67 compliant, impact-resistant polycarbonate enclosures for controls and components. with optional formed-in-place metric knock-outs and transparent covers.AG series stays water tight and dust free with a formed-in-place PUR gasket. They're also UV resistant, have an economical soft strap cover hinge, and easy DIN-rail and back panel installation.

AG series water-tight, polycarbonate enclosures are CE listed and provide protection up to IP67. Their initial eight models range from 95 x 65 x 55mm to 280 x 190 x 130mm. Rounded corners and top face give a modern, smooth style. They can be used as freestanding enclosures or wall-mounted. ABS versions are molded from general-purpose material with a V-0 flame retardant grade, polycarbonate versions are UV stabilized for outdoor use and carry a V-0 flame retardant grade.

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Could the plastic enclosure be used in different scenarios?cid=3