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    • MD-HT 8Ways
    • MD-HT 8Ways
    • MD-HT 8Ways
  • MD-HT 8Ways
  • MD-HT 8Ways
  • MD-HT 8Ways

MD-HT 8Ways

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Benefits for you:

HT series lighting distribution boxes are beautiful, durable, safe and reliable, and are widely used in factories, buildings, residences, shopping malls and other places.


   1. The panel is made of engineering ABS material with high strength and will never change color. The transparent material is PC.

   2. Press-type opening and closing of the cover: The face cover of the distribution box adopts a press-type opening and closing method, and the cover can be opened by just pressing, and there is a hinge structure with a self-locking position when uncovered.

   3. Distribution box wiring design: the guide rail support plate can be raised to the highest point of activity, and the installation of wires is no longer restricted by the narrow space, making the installation easy. The distribution box switch is equipped with wire grooves and wire pipe openings, which is easy to use. Seed wire tube, wire duct.

  • The guide rail on the internal base can horizontally fix the circuit breaker or other electrical components.

  • Higher intensity, and more durable.

  • Open the cover up and down.

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof.

  • High-quality PC plastic material, thick sheet, convenient and durable, not easy to change color. Safe and secure, guarding your electricity safety.

MD-HT 8Ways

Technical parameters

Short Introduction:Plastic distribution boxes,color light grey,surface-mounted boxes.

1)Outdoor waterproof distribution box, waterproof, sunscreen, dustproof.

2)There are reserved holes on the side, the size is PG13.5, PG24, PG29.

3)The inside of the box is equipped with guide rails.

4)The transparent cover can see the components inside the enclosure, whether it is safe.

5)Sealing ring made of polyacid material,corrosion-resistant and waterproof.

6)Wide range of applications. Housing, factories, workshops, airports, cruise ships.
Product DescriptionColor:Light Grey
Body Material:ABS,Lid Material:PC
Frosted transparent lid with side opening
Waterproof Sealing Ring
Body Protection Level (IP):IP65
Packaging DetailsStandard Export Packing
PortNingbo/Shanghai China

Qty of ModulesWeight
Carton size
MD-HT5120×160×905 Ways0.346465*49*39
MD-HT8200×155×958 Ways0.534562*48*48
MD-HT12250×195×11012 Ways0.842460.5*52.5*46.5
MD-HT15310×195×11015 Ways0.91663.5*41*46.5
MD-HT18365×195×11018 Ways1.071260.5*38*46
MD-HT24280×360×11024 Ways1.351273.5*57*36


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