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    • 730H×930W×260D mm
    • 730H×930W×260D mm
    • 730H×930W×260D mm
  • 730H×930W×260D mm
  • 730H×930W×260D mm
  • 730H×930W×260D mm

730H×930W×260D mm

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Technical parameters

1) Thermal deformation: ≥240°C

2) Impact strength: ≥90 (KJ/m2)

3) Bending strength: ≥90 (MPa)

4) Insulation resistance: 1. Normal state: ≥ 1MΩ 2. After soaking in water for 24 hours: ≥ 1MΩ

5) Arc resistance: ≥180 (S)

6) Tracking Index (PTI): ≥600 (V)

7) Flammability: V0 level

8) Protection level: IP67 Flame retardant level: V-0 level

9) M8 copper insert torque: 7N.m

10) Color difference of cabinet appearance: within 1.5

11) Unpacking tension: ≤230(N) using a tension meter to test

12) Tolerance of wall thickness on four sides of box: 4mm±0.5 Tolerance of other wall thickness: 3.5mm±0.5

The gap between the box cover and the box body: 3mm±1.5 The gap between the four corners: within 4.5mm±1.5

Cabinet warpage: within 2mm, the surface of the cabinet is smooth and clean, without obvious concave and convex marks.

The height of the silicone at the corner of the box cover is based on the groove plane ± 2mm Compression: 2.5mm ± 1


1. Anti-corrosion grade of the whole machine: C5, waterproof grade: IP67.

2. The door locks, hinges, and buckles are firmly installed and will not fall off during normal use.

Working environment:

Working temperature: -40℃~+155℃

Relative humidity: when the temperature is +40°C, the humidity does not exceed 99%

Atmospheric pressure: 101KPa

Vibration: Frequency 10-220Hz Acceleration up to 50m/s


730H×930W×260D mm


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